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Nirvana Horses Resort is the leader company in horseback riding activity in tourism industry in Nepal. After 5 years developing though out new concepts about how to spend green holidays in Terai ,the company decided to move from Sauraha to go to Meghauli area in Terai ,Nepal for several reasons …. The main we will remember is the massive construction of Resorts ,hotels and guest houses which could be sadly called resort’s land.
Meghauli area is an ideal location for nature lovers …. Still GREEN and wild with many opportunities concerning sports adventure as horseback riding , paragliding , sport fishing,jungle walk ,side seeing ,bird watching,wild camping etc….
Deep into Nature ……this is what we’re looking for …..let’s see if Nepal will catch the main challenge in its tourism ‘s historical to save “a green Nepal”.
We ‘re planning to run the”Green Belt Project “ …..the main thing is to convince population to act urgently against pollution.The Idea would be to stick a green label to this area offering a guarantee for anyone who loves nature.
Our Horses are through breed Marwari and Kathiawari. Healthy and well cared, they are really friendly, even with kids. Both species come from desert zones in India, Marwari from Rajasthan and Kathiawari from Gujarat. They are very easily identified because of their ears which touch each other. Because of their Arabian origin, those graceful horses are resistant for riding long distances, can bear warm temperatures and stand a while without drinking. The resort holds at the moment 5 healthy and young horses with really kind character. Sandokan, Imana, Nirvana, Shaman and Samsara are waiting for driving you to “The Nirvana” …

Michele Coenen is Managing Director of Nirvana’s Horses Resort Company and

Equestrian guide , her message :

I offer a meditative practice that I like and that is to meditate while contemplating places or things.

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful landscape before you, yourself comfortable. No need to be in a position such as “lotus” or “tailor” … Simply be straight back to stay alive when thoughts disappear and let the energy in your body.

Then you look at the landscape, leaving your eyes as wide as possible, but without straining. Relax your whole body and especially in relaxing the muscles of the neck and skull … You let it come to you the landscape, opening up the space now. Thoughts will come of course, because the mind stops working and producing new thoughts. Then it is not to be taken by these thoughts, let them go in this space of consciousness without attachment to these thoughts, without input or rather without leave “fascinated” by them, without leaving them with . To do this, every time you “go” with your thoughts return to landscape and your own personal feelings … It does not stop the thoughts, but to experience the original state of our mind lies both below and beyond the mind. To “see” the blue sky of this pure consciousness that lies behind the clouds of thoughts. At first, we only see the clouds, but suddenly, between two thoughts is a gap, and peace, clarity and calm blue sky we feel. It is then simply increase the gap, letting the thoughts go ahead, as the clouds are allowed to pass before the sun, but not attached.

You may have felt that there was “something” behind it one day, and it was like you live veiled, feeling you separate the “real” world have. It’s a feeling inside me since my childhood. This bizarre idea that Truth is a finger on me, but I can not see it as it is. It took me a lifetime to realize that it was I who veiled with these thoughts and the mind that created the separation. Indeed, when the thoughts stop or decrease when the blue sky of the mind appears, the veil disappears and nature emerges in its profound truth in it before all projections. There are more trees, grass, sea, but this is just in front of me.

I often ask a question, which I use as a mantra or a koan, when I feel I’m in the here and now. And this question is What is real? What is true? Is this object is the actual object? In general, when there are thoughts, there’s like a haze around the object or landscape that is contemplated. You certainly often experience when this arises before your eyes a stunning landscape. At first, impressed and fascinated by the beauty and tranquility of the place, you’re just this wonderful and what is there you into rapture. But all of a sudden, you say “it’s beautiful! “. And second, the wonderful disappears. This landscape is no longer in its “truth” as a thought came to put a veil between you and what you’re watching.

The principle of contemplative meditation tries to find this natural state of rapture, this simple bliss that occurs whenever thoughts have virtually disappeared. By asking this question What is true? or What is real?, you do not put a thought in your mind, eliminating all other thoughts … And when other thoughts are not you also drop the issue and the peace and quiet can emerge. There are more then the infinite space of consciousness, in which live sensations, objects, remaining thoughts, emotions, etc.., As if the whole world was inside us without being provided affected. Our existence has become a part of this universe, which in turn lies within us … We dissolve slowly in this space. When the mind is no longer the “I” is not either. Is unity in the fullness of being, existence, pure consciousness and bliss / love (Sat Chit Ananda).

When our mind is practically stopped, it no longer works only slightly in the background (in the background), everything seems frozen in an eternal present moment as if it were a table. If you look at a landscape, it looks like a Zen landscape, if you look at objects on a table, it looks like a painting of still life. It seems frozen, and at the same time very bright, beaming. Especially it shows a sense of perfection. Everything is in its place exactly as it should be. There is nothing to change, everything is perfect and …

This contemplative meditation is a spiritual practice. At first you do before a beautiful landscape as it is easier to see the beauty, but then, as and when your practice, I invite you to contemplate anything, glasses on a table your room whatever the mess, your bathroom when you bathe. For example, as I write these lines, I stopped and I looked the screen and my hands on the keyboard. And I dissolved in this present moment, in contemplation of what is. And when I started typing, I had the impression that the fingers (“my” fingers) were animated in their own lives and that everything was written alone, the words coming in the space of consciousness and hands that automatically work. In this state, there is actually more of ‘me’, and thus there is more than one observation of what happens alone. You can do the same by reading these lines. Stop to read and contemplate what is there before you. See that surrounds you, the computer screen or tablet, your hands, your body, table, chair … Stop it, look at it .. You look at what is it pure subject is called the Self or Witness in which “your” body is just a body that appears in this space of consciousness. And thoughts also appear in this space without you are creating. They occur by themselves, without you having to do anything, as you breathe and your heart beats without your intervention … It is observed that what is already awake in you, it is the nature of Buddha, the inner christ. This is what I’m watching is pure conscious presence and that does not change, is never altered by any experience. Still clear conscience.

That’s gaze: making it looking, without focusing on the object, letting thoughts and emotions, stopping to give importance to what happens in our head, ceasing to believe beliefs, and letting the calm, peace and love to sit back once the space is a little more clear from this “me” that takes all the space.

All spiritual seekers looking to what we encountered this pure about wanting to get a particular state, then it is not a state but simply an “acknowledgment” that this being awake we are always been there. But as it is not an object, it can not be grasped by the mind and can not show. And all the skillful means that we offer these spiritualities (including Buddhism and various forms of meditation Hindu), just trying to help us “see” what has always been there, our whole life to meet this pure consciousness (awareness not applicable), pure love (love without object) and pure ecstasy (ecstasy without object) which is our true nature.


Our Team




The Resort :

As we changed our location, Mr. Mohan Kunwar Managing Director of Rhino Resort offered us to welcome our guests in his resort. Our resort project is under process… don’t worry we always care our guests as diamonds.




"I spent 2 weeks at Nirvana in 2012 while recovering from a bad divorce and subsequent alcohol abuse and the experience completely changed my life! I've always loved horses and been enthralled with Eastern spirituality and the lure of both in the same place was hugely attractive to me at this time. I had been in therapy, first group, then privately, then via a clinic offering alcoholism treatment drugs that while effective, made be feel burned out and hollow. I was able to stop drinking though, and when I arrived at Nirvana, I was able to divert my attention to things I loved more than drink. This was the perfect cure for my addiction. What could be better than being among gorgeous animals while studying Yoga and Reiki all day long? I'm in a much better place these days, in large part thanks to the kindness and care I received at Nirvana. Love this place!"



Reiki is a spiritually guided life force energy which is a pure form of healing. It is not a religion, it has no dogma, and there is nothing you must believe in order to learn and use Reiki.

The ability to learn Reiki is not dependent on intellectual capacity, nor does one have to be able to meditate. It does not take years of practice. It is simply passed on from the teacher to the student. As soon as this happens, one has and can do Reiki. Because of this, it is easily learned by anyone.

A Reiki attunement is an initiation into a sacred metaphysical order that has been present on earth for thousands of years. By receiving an attunement you will become part of a group of people who are using Reiki to heal themselves, and each other, and who are working together to heal the Earth.

It is two days Reiki I training where you learn the Knowledge of Reiki, Golden Light Cleansing, Meditation of Reiki, Reiki for one’s self and others, Reiki Celebration.

After the complete practice of First degree Reiki, one can learn the Second Degree Reiki, which is very much powerful training and healing process. In this 5 days training period you learn the different Reiki Symbols and Mantras. Reiki Second enables you; to intensify the flow of energy, to use Reiki for mental and emotional issues and to send Reiki across time and distance.

After years of practicing Reiki, and with a longing to share Reiki to many others then one can be a Reiki master and can initiate others in Reiki. It is the most responsible training class where you learn how to be a Reiki Master and how to initiate others. You will get Master Symbol and training for initiations.
About Reiki Master and Meditation Instructor

Swami Samarpan is a Reiki Master and Meditation Instructor; he is giving Reiki Initiations to many people of the world in different places and guiding people in the spiritual journey since 7 years. Finishing Master Degree in Buddhism and Philosophy, he travelled lots of Spiritual places and met many Masters and learnt many courses. By the blessing of Existence, he has been entered into the stream of discipleship hood. The Blessed One Osho, has shower His love on him, then he became fortunate Swami Prem Samarpan, a sannyasin of modern day Buddha Osho.
After encountering to this strange religious revolution of the ‘Self ‘ Samarpan started learning various religious courses: Therapies, Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Energy work, Body work and so on…mostly based on Osho multiversity courses developed for the new man to this new century.

Then his thirst for the realization of ‘Self ‘or the longing to be One with the whole, Existence took him to the long One year complete silence journey to the Bank of Ma Naramda River, India. Sivapuri Baba, Purnanada Baba ji, Ma Naramada and Beloved Master Osho continuously showering their grace to this innocent child.

Now Samarpan is sharing his skill and experiences to the interested seekers and conducting different Osho meditations Programs, doing Reiki sessions and Attunements, and Yoga Classes. As the wish of Existence he is simply becoming a flute.

As a government tourist guide, he is also taking a group and Individual to many places in the Kathmandu valley and outside the Valley. You are welcome to experience all these gifts of Nepal, just choose your interest and do contact him. Swami can be a light on your path…
DIVINE YOGA (The blend of Kriya and Hatha)

Yoga – Harmony for Body and Mind


Yoga means union- union with oneself and with the whole. It is a juicy love affair with the cosmos. All that one has to do is join all fragments of the mind: thoughts-emotions-fantasies-memories etc. and weave them into a steady flow of consciousness which is dhyana, meditation. Then yoga happens by itself.

The Three Days Basic Yoga Course:

Even you have a short period of time to be here, then why not to be benefited by learning these ancient skills of Yoga that liberates us from all sorts of anxiety and stress and make us aware of great joy of this beautiful life, come and try from the Experienced Teacher.

In these three days you will learn more than 30 essential Yoga postures, Sun Salutation, joint released exercises and 7 types of Breathing techniques and some meditations. It is really a blessing for you!

It is for all to the beginners or to the Practitioner, a complete effective package design for you!

Reiki one session One Hour: 25$

Reiki I (two days,6 hrs) 125$
Reiki II (Five days 15 hrs) 300 $
Reiki Master (7 days 20 hrs) 550$
Yoga: one session 90 mins: 15 $
Three days Divine Yoga course ( A special Training Package)
12 hrs: 200 $

These prices are not including in packages, accommodation, full board or any kind of transport.
4 Days / 3 nights package : Yoga/ Reiki / Horseback Riding Package

“Art of turning-off the mind “ 450 $

Beloved friend, awake your consciousness and learn the Divine teaching from the Beloved mother Nature, and bring the light in your life, Here Mother Earth is waiting to heal you and to give you a blissful life. From the moment we wake up in the morning thoughts arise. They chase us through the day in a constant succession constricting our well being and weighing down our body, creating stress and heaping up tension. This course give you the understanding and technique that how can you put a side your stress and tension from your body and being, and teach you the art of turning off mind, which you can use whenever you need peace and relaxation in your daily busy life.


Riding with confidence is something a lot of people find hard. There are always situations that may challenge us, but being brave isn’t being without fear, being brave is learning to recognise the fear, accept the fear and master your fear.

Visualisation is an important tool not only in horse riding but also in life. Visualising how you will react to a situation will begin to train your body and mind how you wish it to react, putting you in control.

1) Find somewhere quiet to sit where you won’t be disturbed.
2) Make yourself comfortable
3) Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, in and out; feel the oxygen filling your lungs, and feel your body relax further as you breathe out.
4) Let your mind become clear, if any images come into your mind just gently usher them away.
5) Practice just relaxing and keeping your mind clear for a few minutes.
6) Visualise yourself grooming your horse, putting his tack on, leading him to the mounting area. Now see yourself getting on your horse and riding.
7) See yourself walking around on your horse, perhaps doing some circles and changes of rein. Be aware of how your body feels; see yourself relaxed and happy, riding with confidence.
8) Now proceed to working trot; ride some 20m circles, perhaps a figure of 8 and any other school movement you wish; see yourself relaxed and happy, riding with confidence.
9) Proceed to canter; again ride some 20m circles and change the rein. See yourself relaxed and happy, riding with confidence.

Don’t worry if you find it hard to visualise at first; this will become easier with practice. Once you feel confident using this exercise you can tailor make it to fit the area where you need more confidence; for example, if you have worries regarding going into canter, you can visualise the canter transition and riding in canter over and over again, in all places in the arena. Or you may have worries regarding mounting your horse; if this is so you can visualise yourself mounting over and over again.

Day- 01 : Arrival at the resort at 13 :30p.m

Rest time
Horse riding at 15 :00 (2 hours)

Day -02

Morning herbal Tea 6:30:
Morning Yoga : 7- 8:30
Breakfast at 9:00
Horse riding at 10 00 ( 2hours).
Lunch at 12 :30
. Relaxation after Lunch
At 15 :00 jungle walk
At 6:00 p.m.: Reiki healing Session One Hour
Candle light Dinner :
After Dinner EveningCelebration Meditation


Herbal tea 6:30
Morning Yoga : 7- 8:30
Breakfast at 9:00
Elephant riding at10 :00
Lunch at 12 :00
Horse riding at 16:00 contemplative meditation trail “sunset”
Evening Reiki. At 6:00 one hour
Night time Meditation (tharu dance optional)


Canoeing at 6:00
Breakfast at 7:30
Reiki training at 9 :00
Contemplative walk on the river side
At 11 :00 back to the resort.
Lunch at 12:00
Rest time
Horseback rding 3 hours at 15 :00
Evening Reiki and Healing
Night time Guided Meditation and celebration


Breakfast check out .departure to Kathmandu or Pokhara.

What is included ?

3 hours1/ 2 Yoga and Meditation
3 hours reiki
Full board and accommodation.
Water(3 lts/day ) and tea included.
Governement taxes
Transport from and to Narangath.
Elephant riding (1 hour and half)
Horseback riding ( 5 hours )
Jungle walk (2 hours )
Canoeing (1hour and ½)

What isn’t included?

Transport from Kathmandu orPokhara to Narangath and from Narangath to Kathmandu or Pokhara
Tips ,drinks not mentioned above are not included.



Our Tours, Trails & Jungle Activities

Ghat Gai Safari :

5 days / 4 Nights = 645 USD Contact Us for all program details
Gola Ghat Safari:
Yoga / Meditation / horseback riding “The pure osmosis”.
Single person:
USD 410
3 days / 2 nights

Zen and the Horse use horseback riding as an activity
for refining the rider’s posture, breath and awareness.

Zen and the Horse applies the Zen meditation techniques of refining posture, breath and awareness to riding horses. As riders refine their posture and breathing, their awareness changes. They become more aware of the efficient use of their own bodies, as well as the bodies of the horses beneath them.

use the psoas muscles and release the hyoid muscles in order for riders to have self-carriage in the saddle. Rider’s Seat clinics teach riders to correctly use their bodies to achieve tone (strength with flexibility), self-carriage (stability with lift) and movement (vertically bilateral) both on and off the horse.

Zen and the Horse is about seeing horses and riding as a Way, becoming an activity of training and self-development.

On the surface, it would seem that Zen meditation and riding a horse would have little in common. The first activity takes place on a stationary cushion and the other occurs on the back of a moving animal. Your legs are crossed in meditation, while on a horse they straddle each side. Your hands are placed together for zazen (sitting meditation), while riding they can separately hold each rein. Given these differences, the principles of posture, breath and awareness for Zen meditation can and do apply to horseback riding.

From a zazen perspective, your posture is adjusted to bring your spine into alignment. To accomplish this, the bottom of your spine is lengthened downward as the top is extended upward. In zazen, your ears should be in line with your shoulders as if the top of your head were suspended from above. Tension in your neck and upper body needs to be released. This can be accomplished by moving the front of your pelvis upward in the direction of your nose, allowing the trunk of your body to rest squarely over your legs.

From a riding perspective, the posture of a rider on a horse is referred to as the “seat” of the rider. If you maintain your position in the saddle by self-carriage and balance, allowing the motion of the horse, you are said to have an independent seat. W. Müseler in Riding Logic refers to “das Kreuzanziehen,” an action of the rider’s lower back that is essential for a stable and balanced seat. In das Kreuzanziehen, the lower spine and sacrum are brought forward. This levels the pelvis and lengthens the lower spine.

When your pelvis is level, your diaphragm can expand into your lower abdomen. In zazen, the spine lengthens on both inhalation and exhalation. Your focus should be on making the exhalation long and even. Your inhalation should occur without effort. The abdomen remains slightly expanded on both inhalation and exhalation.

In riding, breathing can be used to stabilize both rider and horse. By using a downward exhalation, you maintain your center and increase your stability. By using an upward inhalation, you release tension from your upper body and gain lift. The inhalation can be used as a half-halt to rebalance your horse.

In zazen, your field of vision spans 180 degrees to keep the mind from focusing and becoming narrow. In riding, your eyes must be able to see the entire field of vision while looking ahead. Such a diffused field of vision prevents your attention from being taken up by individual stimuli in both zazen and riding.

If posture and breathing are correct, then awareness becomes correct. Words cannot accurately describe the awareness cultivated by Zen training. This awareness is non-dualistic, transcending the either-or of subject-object. At the highest level of awareness; thinking, acting and feeling become one.

Through refining posture, breath and awareness, you can experience your connection with the horse. The horse can serve as a mirror to reflect the results of this refinement. At the highest levels of riding, the rider allows the motion of the horse and the horse responds to the rider so closely, both appear to become “one with” each other. The ultimate goal of riding is to transcend the duality of rider and horse.

While maintaining different forms, the posture, breath and awareness of zazen and riding have fundamental similarities. The techniques of zazen can be used to train and develop the rider. Riding can be used to develop posture and breath in movement. What is experienced through both Zen meditation and riding can be used as a method or Way of self-development when applied to daily living. The end result of both is to fully experience and respond to each moment, whether in stillness or in motion.

3 days and 2 nights package:
Single person : 410 USD

Day 1

Arrivalat 13 h 30 midday bus arrive 12h30 till 13h in 26 gate,Bharatpur—-Check in .

Welcome Tea,snacks and fruit.

Yoga Class will start at
04:30-06:00 pm .

Dinner Time
07:30 p.m.t

Day 2

yoga class
07:00-08:30 am, if weather allows, including walking meditation for about 20 minutes

Breakfast 9.00 a.m. from10 30 to 12 Elephant riding
12.00- 13.30 pm
Afternoon free for other activities as per programme of Nirvana Horses Resort.( jungle walk,horseback riding lesson or trail )

Yoga class 5:30-06:00 pm,

Dinner Time
07:30 p.m.

Before or after Dinner: Candle light gazing Meditation, 10 to 15 minutes.

Day 3

Yoga Class 7.00 – 08.30 a.m,breakfast and check out,
Departure by bus or by jeep till Narangath ,micro to Ktm anytime. Bus at 10 at 26 gate bharatpur.
end of our services

What is included?

6 hours Yoga and Meditation sessions
Full board and accommodation.
Water(3 lts/day ) and tea included.
Governement taxes
Transport from and to Narangath.
Elephant riding (1 hour and half)
Horseback riding ( 2 hours ) or Jungle walk (2 hours

What isn’t included?

Transport from Kathmandu orPokhara to Narangath and from Narangath to Kathmandu or Pokhara

Tips ,drinks not mentioned above are not included.

ReIki session (60 minutes)20 USD

Package 5 days and 4 nights 485 USD

Day 1

Arrival at 13 h 30midday bus arrive 12h30 till 13h in 26 gate,Bharatpur—-Check in .
A welcome Tea,snacks and fruit.
Yoga Class will start at
04:30-06:00 pm .
Dinner Time
07:30 p.m

Day 2

Yoga class
07:00-08:30 am, if weather allows, including walking meditation for about 20 minutes.
Breakfast 09.00 a.m. from10.30 to 12 a.m.Elephant riding
12.00to 13.30 pm
Afternoon free for other activities as per program of Nirvana Horses Resort.( jungle walk,horseback riding lesson or trail )
Yoga class 5:30-06:00 pm,
Dinner Time
07:30 p.m.
Overnight at the resort.
Before or after Dinner: Candle light gazing Meditation, 10 to 15 minutes.

Day 3

Breakfast at 7h30
Departure to Androli.
Today we will ride around 4 hours to 5 hours on trail ,an equestrian escape inviting us for a deep contemplative meditation and osmosis with mother Nature
Yoga Class 6.00 – 07.30 p.m,Reiki session (according your wishes).
Diner at 08 p.m.

Day 4

At 06.00 a.m.Canoeing on Raptiriver,another contemplative meditation, 3 words,MAGIC,PEACEFUL,MYSTIC
Breakfast at 8.00 a.m.
Free time before lunch visiting the river side .
Lunch at 13 p.m.
A rest followed at 15 .00 p.m.of a meditation walk of one hour nearby the Shiva Temple,a tower will serve as a platform to end the walk.
Back to the resort at 17h30
An energizing shower before diner at 19 p.m.
Overnight at the resort (tharu dance is an option 15USD/person.

Day 5

Breakfast at 07h30
Check out
Departureby bus or by jeep till Narangath ,micro to Ktm anytime. Bus at 10 at 26 gatebharatpur
end of our services.

What is included ?

4 1/2 hours Yoga and Meditation sessions.
*One hourreiki
walk contemplative meditation
Full board and accommodation.
*Water(3 lts/day ) and tea included.
*Governement taxes
Transport from and to Narangath.
Elephant riding (1 hour and half)
Horseback riding 4 to 5 hours

What isn’t excluded?

Transport from Kathmandu orPokhara to Narangath and from Narangath to Kathmandu or Pokhara
Tips ,drinks not mentioned above are not included.


Price: 720 USD

This package er designed for riders som vil discover a deep and true Nepal … this is a real tour adventure through Meghauli foreslår our guests to go to the junction of botheration mystics Rapti and Narayani rivers famous for a preserved wild life. it’s an amazing evasion from our world and completely out of realities …. Also som Area is still virgin and out of beaten tracks (and we have two hurry ethnical groups are slowly sliding into a miserable mondialisation … help us to fight against this disaster.). Jungle cement is invading Nepal … Sauraha city being the queen of pollution and environmental degradation!! To feel deep inside the Tharus autochthones’s life we ​​will organizer as well a sportive fishing session on boat funny and harmful for the fish. The Gola Ghat resort giver all comfort peaceful areas for meditation, forest walk,, all this details compose a real adventure holidays med team and horses …. . Gola Ghat management and Nirvana Horses Resort wish you a pleasant journey with this trip. Take a ride and deep breath in Meghauli greenbelt our ecological label unique in Nepal. We ask our dear customers two sign an eco friendly chart for the modest beløb of 200 no’s Destined til elaboration of a garbage recycling collect project. OUR FRIENDS THE HORSES INVITE YOU TO THE comtemplate Wildest CORNER OF THE Meghauli AREA IN NEPAL …. Ghola Ghat Resort:

Day -1 - Once you arrive at the resort to 15 h around, we will serve you a brunch and a cup of tea. Then a shower and riding for 2 hours to appreciate the sunset point to the riverside.

Day 2 After an early lavish breakfast we will leave for 3 hours riding by the Rapti river side till Androli. we will rest there for a pic-nic and a siesta in deep harmony with nature, också it is the best way to observe wild life. Around 16 heures we will follow t and discussion on green belt project in Meghauli ground the trip till Jitpur, at the junction of the two rivers Rapti and Narayani. Finally we will arrive to gola Ghat where our team will welcome you and care about you and horses’ confort of your journey all in complete osmosis with mother Nature.

Day -3 After a lavish breakfast we will start our jungle acitivities day in Jitpur (elephant riding, canoeing and jungle walk, visit to village and birdwatching admiring the exceptional sunset points above the junction of two rivers mytic ….) overnight at camping spot in Jitpur.

Day -4 SPORT FISHING SESSION the whole day will be spent to fish on Rapti river.

Day-5 After a lavish breakfast back to your departure point (airport, bus station, microwave station or private car). End of our services.
What is including this package

Accommodations on twin beds or double room
National park entrance permit
Jungle and equestrian guides’ services
Activities: jungle walk, elephant riding, bird watching.
12 hours horseback riding
Vehicle and petrol
Meals, tea, and mineral water at lunch and at dinner. One mineral water during trails and jungle walk.
All services charge and government tax
Fishing permit
Fishing assistant fees ..
Boat supply fees.

What is not included?

Bar (beer, whiskey etc. ..)
Any kind of transport
Refreshments mellan meals
Nota for horse riding: Nirvana’s Horses Resort ltd. pvt. recommends its customers two possess travel insurance in case of accident. We provide security helmets and chaps.
We offer to our guest an exclusive French and Nepali cooking with organic products.

What to bring?

The weather is pleasantly warm and sunny most of the year, with conditions.Avoid temperatures above 68 f/20 c Casual outdoor wear is suggested. During November and February, evenings are cold 40f / 5 c with morning mist. Sweaters and jackets are nødvendige. From December for two January warm clothing is essential. In the day conditions.Avoid temperatures are warm, so do not forget t-shirts, jeans to ride, boots or sports shoes, swimsuits, socks, sunscreen, sunglasses, torch, camera, a cap.
How to reach Meghauli?

By air: the most convenient and direct route is to fly from Kathmandu to Meghauli whichwill take only 25 minutes> It takes 10-30 minutes to go on foot to any our place.
By road: Micro buses, tourist bus (Narangath 24 bis gate), local buses deserves Budhanagar (24 bis gate station) or private car will take ca 5 hours direct from Kathmandu two Meghauli. You will också taken from there to your hotel. Micro buses tourist buses, private cars are also available from Pokhara, Lumbini and other major cities.
Due to our new location we only presenting one sample package with details, For Ghat Gai Safari Details contact us. we are as by the past creating package “a la carte” and Private tours to our precious guests.

Contact Us for all program details

Our Trails : One Hour 25 USD
Our Trails : Two Hour 45 USD
Our Trails : Three Hour 68 USD
Our Trails : Full Day 135 USD (Including Water, Lunch)

Jungle Activities :

In our tours elephant riding ,Jungle Walk & Entrance Permit are included.

Optional : Elephant Riding = 30 USD (1 hour and half)
Chitwan National Park Entrance Permit : 17 USD
Jungle Walk : Half Day Per Person 20 USD
Full Day : 35 USD
Spot Fishing : 40 USD per hour / Full day 120 USD